Client Survey (New Website)

Client input is the foundation on which successful websites are built. This survey will help you to articulate and identify the overall goals of your new website, including specific questions regarding message, audience, content, look and feel, and functionality. Each key decision-maker should fill out his or her own survey, answer each of the questions in a thorough but brief and clear manner, and add any additional notes or comments at the end of the survey. You can save your progress and come back at any time by clicking the Save Draft button at the bottom of each page.

General Information
What is the name of your company and your current (or intended) URL?
Who are the primary contacts from your organization, and who has final approval on the project? Please list names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers.
What is your intended launch date for the new site? Are there any outside considerations that might affect the schedule (for example, PR launch, tradeshow, annual report)
Do you have a specific budget range already established for this project? Can this project be divided into phases to accommodate budget and timing constraints?

Please select features from the list below that you would like included in this phase of the project.

NOTE: Each item incurs additional cost so select only those that are required for current estimate
Will you have a need for secured transactions (e-commerce)? Do you already offer transactions online? Please describe in detail.
Will you require other specific programming needs (such as personalization or search capability)? Please describe in detail.