The Lifespan of a website: How often should you redesign your company website?

This is an important question without a simple answer. There is no set time that a business website should last, where after that time has elapsed the website should be redesigned. A number of factors should be considered when deciding whether a website needs to be redesigned. Often when these factors are considered, it is revealed that while your website requires an update, it may not need a complete redesign. The following are some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to move forward with a website redesign:

How does it compare to your competitors?

If your website appears out of date, especially in comparison to your competitors, then it is time for a redesign. Web design trends change yearly (sometimes even more often), and if your competitors are keeping up with the curve, then to remain competitive, so should you. Remember that advancements in web design trends are not solely aesthetic. New web design conventions may help make your website easier to use, or even aid in more effectively converting visitors to customers. 

Does Usability need be Improved?

If your site statistics show that visitors are leaving after landing on the homepage, this may be reflective of a number of issues: outdated or poor design may give the impression of an untrustworthy website, the website’s initial content isn’t attention grabbing, or your visitors are simply turned off my confusing navigation. If a website appears to be hard to navigate, users will become frustrated and leave a website. If visitors are leaving your website, you will be unable to effectively convert visitors to customers. 

Does Your Website Accommodate New Technologies?

As quickly as web design trends are updated, so are web technologies. It is important for your website to be accessible through new technologies, like mobile browsers, for example. 

Browser Usage Compatibility:

If your statistics show that 80% of your visitors are using Chrome and Firefox, your website should be optimised to work seamlessly with those browsers. A website that was built for compatibility with Explorer 6 will not be compatible with Chrome or Firefox, and will thus alienate 80% of your visitors.

Is Your Website Optimised to Conform to Current Search Engine Optimisation Standards?

Search engines are constantly updating how websites are indexed in search results. If your website’s content has been dormant for months, it will not maintain high search engine rankings. It is important to maintain a website that will be SEO friendly. 


There is no quick answer in determining how often a website should be redesigned, however there are a number of factors to consider when trying to decide whether your website requires a small update or an overall redesign. As a rule of thumb, always ensure that your website is designed to remain competitive with your competitors, will be easy to use, effectively converts visitors to customers and is accessible through new technologies. If your website doe not successfully meet those requirements, it’s time to redesign.