Does Your Website Need a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system is an out-of-the-box solution which offers easy and intuitive means for updating Web content without extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS or other programming languages. Content management systems are the perfect solution for managing collaborative workflow for content that requires regular manual or computer-based updates. However, while content management systems are a great solution for some businesses, they may not be the perfect solution for all Web design scenarios. To find out whether a content management system is right for your business, consider the following points:
Seldom Updates vs. Regular Updates
How often will your website, or parts of your website, require content updates? If your website will carry timely information, like news, blog posts, press releases or event specific photos, a content management system will allow you to streamline updates. If your website is purely static and informational, and will not include any regularly updated content, a content management system won't add much benefit.
Sufficient Resources
Does your company have the hands to create content and update the content management system regularly? A content management system-based website calls for regular content updates, which means that someone will need to maintain and create quality content. Time and additional resources will have to be put into training one person, or a team, to maintain the website and make regular updates.
Overall Website Maintenance
Will the overall maintenance of your website be done in-house? The person in charge of general website updates must be familiar with HTML and CSS to work with and update a content management system.
A content management system can be a costly addition to your Web development budget. However, for cost-conscious businesses, there are great open-source content management options to fit whatever specifications your website requires. For blogging platforms, Wordpress is most popular. For an opensource content management system that takes the shape of a complete Web development package, Drupal is superior.
Design Constraints
There is a lot that can be done within the framework of a content management system with the application of HTML5, Javascript and, in some cases, Flash. However, content management systems still offer a rather limited scope for adventurous design, and depending on how creative, out-of-the-box and interactive you want your website to be, a content management system may be unsuitable.
Content management systems are great solutions for managing collaborative workflow for website content that is updated regularly. If your website will host a blog, a news feature or other time-sensitive content that will need to be archived, a content management system is the unparalleled solution. However, while some content management systems are open source, others can pose a significant cost increase. Before integrating a content management system, talk to your Web developer to determine which Web solution is right for you.